Tips On How To Make Your Trees Fast Growing

fast growing trees

Trees are beautiful but it takes them a long time to grow to maturity. There are a lot of different ways to speed up this process and have healthy fast growing trees.

In order to jump start the growth of your tree, you will need to concentrate on root feeding. You should try to direct the water directly to the root. This is very important because the roots are the ones that need water and nutrients. There are several different ways you can use to aim your water straight onto the roots. One way is to use a 1 inch PVC pipe about 2 or 3 feet long. Then hammer the PVC pipe into the ground straight under the plants and not too close to the trunk leaving 1 or 2 inches of PVC pipe uncovered above ground. Fill the PVC pipe with water, and it goes directly to the roots of the tree.

You can also apply a drip line around the tree. This produces a slow dribble of water that will go through the soil better than a hose… By dropping the water flow, the soil will have time to absorb the water accurately to the roots. You have to leave the drip line on for a long period of time when watering.

Another way to get water down to the roots is by way of a root irrigation stake. The stakes attach directly to your hose you stick the other end in the ground as deep as the tree roots. When you turn on the water it sprays out the end of the stake under the ground.

For fast growing trees you need high potent fertilizer like Miracle grow, or try different types of Seaweed extract. Apply all fertilization through the PVC pipe, the drip irrigation system, or the irrigation stake. This will make sure it gets to the roots only. You should fertilize the tree roots every few months if you do this your tree will have bigger leaves, more foliage and faster growth.

Trees need care for the first three to five years. If the tree is a full-sun tree, plant it where it can get six hours of sunlight a day. Plant your tree in the correct kind of soil. Planting a tree in soil that is well-matched will help the nutrients absorb faster, giving you fast growing trees – also check out flowering dogwood trees. Do not trim the shoots or branches from the trunk when the tree is young because they let the tree to grow faster they also provide shade for the trunk preventing disease. Pile dirt around the bottom of the tree, and then pile mulch on top of the dirt. This helps the tree mature faster.

Fertilize your tree based on the type of tree it is and the soil it needs. Have an s

Have a soil sample taken to see what kind of nutrients it will need. You should fertilize every two or three years.

The best way to manage weeds around your trees is to use a pre- developing herbicide. This will let the natural soil be exposed and will make any tree a fast growing tree.

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